Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Nature's 1st Inc.-Join free today! Nature's 1st represenatives receive CV Commission and Entire company Profit Share. What do you need? $500? $1,000? $3,000 $5,000, per month. No Sales Quotas, No Fees, No Hassles. (3 minute rec. mess. 973-854-6957) Join Free @ 888-718-9027
Discount # 440.

I joined back in the spring, and my favorite product is the Nutrashot. It's a liquid vitamin that you can either mix with juice, or drink strait. It's amazing how much better this made me feel, and the energy boost it gave. I defiantly knew it when I missed a day!
I'm trying to get this off the ground, I think it's an awesome program with awesome products. I'm fixing to be a stay at home mom, and my goal is to make at least what I'm making at my job now. I wanted to start this blog to keep track of my journey. If your interested in joining me, click on the links, or call the numbers! Also, Monday night there is a conference call, it's very informative and encouraging to hear how well others are doing. If that interests you call- 218-486-1400 Passcode: 6115
Again, that's every Monday at 8 pm central time.
Have a great day!